About Your Kinkaid Lake Crappie Fishing Guide 

Strictly Kinkaid is the only Fishing Guide Service in Southern Illinois that guides only on Kinkaid Lake for nothing but Crappie. Growing up in southern Illinois and southern Missouri our passion for the outdoors has grown into more than just a hobby, it is a way of life. Our way of life revolves around time spent on the water. Years ago we fell in love with the pristine waters of Kinkaid Lake. The rolling hills of the Deparment of Natural Resources and U.S. Forest Service and breath taking views of the pristine shorelines kept us coming back time and time again. Everytime we left the lake we could not wait to get back on the water. If we are not chasing our speckled friends that we all love to fry, we are spending time doing habitat work making the fishing that much more fun. Being a Kinkaid Lake Fishing Guide is just icing on the cake.

Kevin Wehner

Rick Davis

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